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¡Aún no es tarde para vacunarse contra la gripe y ponerse la dosis de refuerzo contra la COVID-19!

Flu season is in full swing until February 2024. ¿Está protegido?If not, be aware that the flu can be dangerous and even deadly—particularly for people 65 and older and people who have chronic health conditions.

La COVID-19 también sigue siendo un peligro para las personas que no se han puesto una dosis de refuerzo. You may have heard that the latest booster doesn’t protect against new strains of the virus. In fact, the booster does offer protection. Compared to people who do not get vaccinated, those who received the latest booster are three times less likely to wind up in the hospital and up to 19 times less likely to die from the virus.

It’s not too late to get your flu shot, and it’s never too late to get your COVID-19 booster. Talk to your doctor or Care Team about getting protected against the flu and COVID-19 today.